Wednesday, July 9, 2014

GeoVision's GV-UBX3301 IP Camera Can Fit Right In The Palm Of Your Hand

Society is rapidly changing to keep up with technology. Technology is rapidly advancing to keep up with a demanding society. Each one plays and grows off of the other. Unfortunately, as we see these two aspects of our lives consistently grow and change, so too does crime. Criminals are getting craftier and craftier. Not everyone of them, but most of them. We don't just deal with purse snatchers anymore. Instead, we deal with criminals who have planned things out. We deal with cyber criminals. We deal with smart thieves. We deal with people who could really pose a threat to us as people and business owners. Luckily for us, there are a few different ways that we can protect ourselves. Security camera systems can really help give a feeling of safety. They can also help deter thieves by ensuring that your home or business is constantly being monitored. If you're looking for a good camera for a security system, GeoVision has the hook up for you.

The GeoVision GV-UBX3301 IP Camera is a 3 Megapixel camera that is extremely lightweight and can fit right in your hand! This camera is actually designed for indoor usage specifically.

Just a few of the features of this new UBX model camera include:
  • Motion Detection
  • Intelligent IR
  • A Defog feature
  • A Tampering Alarm
Let's just get a bit more in depth with some of the benefits of adding this camera to your surveillance system.

Motion Detection
Motion detection is a big deal that many can take lightly when dealing with surveillance. You have to figure that depending on how sensitive the detection system is, it will capture any type of movement. If there is a way to configure how sensitive it is, it might be worth messing with. You wouldn't want to have your light or camera constantly turning on and recording footage of a rabbit hopping across your lawn or the stray cat passing through your driveway. The fact that it does come with a motion detection feature will always be a plus however.

Intelligent IR
Infrared cameras are very common but invaluable to be frank. Thats when crime tends to be more active, in the cloak of night. Think about it. It's easier to be unseen... unless your surveillance system cameras come with IR. The intelligent IR means that you will have a clear image on the camera, no matter how close something or someone is to it. By essentially realizing that an object or someone is closer to the camera, the IR sensitivity will adjust to ensure that you will have the most crisp image of whats in front of the camera. Most traditional IR cameras won't adjust the sensitivity of the IR lights and the saturation of whatever is in front of the camera, making any distinguishing features unable to be seen. Consider Intelligent IR a blessing at night times.

Tampering Alarm
This is arguably the coolest feature of this GeoVision camera. If there has been any type of tampering with the camera itself, then an alarm to the surveillance system it's connected to will go off. That means any type of unauthorized focus changes, if the camera is moved at any point before consent, or if someone decides to spray paint the lens. Any type of tampering will cause an immediate alarm to go off. If that doesn't scare off a potential threat, I'm not sure what will.

These are just a few of the features of this new camera line. Remember that this bad boy can also fit in your hands. That means that it's the perfect size for maneuvering it and positioning it in the perfect out of site spot. Add the new GV-UBX3301 to your security system today!

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