Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Read & Track License Plates

If your business owns a parking lot, or a large dumpster and receiving area where vehicles come and go, being able to read license plates on vehicles from the vantage point of a security camera is a highly valuable capability. Not only can you read license plates, but you can also set your security camera system to memorize and recognize particular license plates that pass through the camera's field of view. So you can even set your surveillance system to alert you when a particular vehicle comes onto your premises.  Geovision has cameras that are designed for reading and recognizing license plates from a distance:

The GV‐LPR CAM is a weatherproof IR camera that provides 570TVL high-contrast video in deep shadow, strong or low sunlight, which allows it to read license plates in almost any lighting environment.

Key Features:
  • Built-in powerful IR LED illuminator
  • Built-in always-on blower  
  • Weatherproof (IP66 standard)  
  • Sun-shield 
You can contact a security consultant from CameraSecurityNow.com to purchase this Geovision camera now!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

GeoVision Playback on Your Smartphone

GeoVision offers options for utilizing your smartphone to remotely view live video as well as previously recorded footage from your GeoVision system. You can connect to GV-Systems or GV-IP devices with a simple application download. GeoVision has applications for all types of smartphones and tablets including Android, iOS devices (like iPhones, iPods and iPads), Blackberry devices, and Windows smartphones. Below is an screen capture (another useful tool for smartphones offered by GeoVision apps) using the GeoVision iPhone application (Scott in the picture below is actually taking a screen capture of himself using his iPhone). You can see how useful it is, allowing multiple camera views, screen capture, PTZ, etc...

iPhone application for surveillance systems 

Being able to view your surveillance footage (whether live or recorded) so readily is helpful to anyone who owns a surveillance system. It not only gives the owner the ability to check on things while they're out, but also allows the owner to review past footage whenever and wherever they want to do it. These applications for the smartphone are invaluable and can be accessed almost instantaneously. For quality control, quick references, screen shots and just general peace of mind, you can't go wrong with GeoVision's smartphone apps.

For more information on GeoVision systems or to get a quote on a surveillance system that can utilize smartphone applications, give camerasecuritynow.com a call at 877-422-1907.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Streamlining DVR Storage

Geovision's storage system is a high-performance storage system based on iSCSI technology for users looking for a cost-effective and shared storage solution within a network. If you have an existing network, it is easy to implement the GV-Storage into it without having to establish a new one. You don't need any specialized adapters, switches or cables for DVR servers in order to integrate the GV-Storage into your system, and it is perfectly scalable.

If you use Backup Server, the GV-Storage System can store recorded files from GV-System version 8.2 or above on the network itself. With Backup Viewer you can access the video recordings and log data backed up on the GV-Storage System from any computer in the network. The GV-Storage System is a powerful addition to any video surveillance system.

Key Features:
  • Extended storage over Ethernet
  • No license fee for each connection
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • 16TB storage capacity or higher (Max. 480 FPS for 16 Weeks)
  • Dual Gigabit iSCSI ports
  • Hardware health monitor
  • Easy data backup with Backup Server