Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wireless Bullet Cameras Could Be A Huge Asset

If you have any type of security camera system installed, then you're probably aware of the different applications for different cameras. Everyone knows that having IR cameras are invaluable to any type of security system. Think about it. If a robbery or any type of theft is going to happen, it will more than likely happen in the cover of night. IR cameras, dome cameras, weatherproof cameras, and the like are all assets in a surveillance system. Some of these cameras will always have limitations on them. You want to be able to place these cameras appropriately in the areas that you need to monitor, but you can only move them so far with their wires holding you back. This is where the wireless bullet camera comes in.

It's All About Location 
Depending on the location that you're trying to monitor, your typical cameras might not be able to actually reach certain areas. Take for example, a marina. You might not think of this being a location that would be in need of security monitoring, but every place is susceptible to theft. This is why we monitor. That being said, it's still a challenge to find the proper placement for the best view points an angles. Naturally, the higher you can place the camera, the more area you can cover. With wired cameras, it'll be hard to fully cover the area you wish to monitor. By coupling your security camera system with wireless bullet cameras, you're opening up a lot more areas to cover. As long as there is a constant internet connection and wireless feed, you can place your cameras just about anywhere.

Embrace The Advantages 
When you have a system of wireless bullet cameras, you have a system of cameras that can be placed just about anywhere you want. It's not just the fact that they are wireless. Remember that bullet cameras are designed to be placed in the "nooks and crannies" of different facilities, simply because they can. Not to mention the fact that they are normally pretty easy to hide and maneuver. Then you have the obvious advantage; it's wireless! A wireless bullet camera is, essentially, the most "mobile" and "maneuverable" camera out there. The fact that they were made to be small and easy to handle coupled with the fact that they re wireless just makes it that much more of an asset to a CCTV system.

Your Internet Connection Will Be Important 
There are some let downs to the camera though, as there are with any camera. What would be the limitation to a wireless camera? Well the internet connection would probably be the first thing that came to mind. Think about the fact that your camera's feed would only be as strong as you internet connection. Should your internet connection fail on you, so too will your camera feeds. Wired cameras won't need to worry about internet connections because they're wired and can be directly connected. A wireless camera will be very dependent on the internet speed and connection rate. As long as that is remains intact, your wireless bullet cameras should be fine As with any other camera system, your bullet cameras will always be susceptible to vandalism. Whether they're wired or not, they can be damaged. That being said, there is a less likely chance for these to be damaged because these can be placed anywhere where the internet connection reaches. Even with those risks being a factor, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. A wireless bullet camera can do nothing but help monitor an area that you need to watch.
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