Friday, October 31, 2014

Let GeoVision's Arctic Dome Camera Keep You Protected This Season

It's getting to be that time of year again. The time of year where it's too cold to do just about anything other than shiver, or stay inside and watch Netflix movies. The last thing you want to be thinking about this holiday season is the security of your home or business. You already have enough on your plate with the list of presents and food that you need to collect for the upcoming family gatherings. The only problem is that with such extreme weather that we experience in the winter time, it can damage certain electronics. Much like your family in the holiday season, you want your business and home to remain a safe place, away from theft, vandalism, and other crime. This is where a solid security camera system can really come in handy. The only problem is that between vandalism to the cameras and extreme weather, your cameras can be easily damaged.

Luckily for us, there are cameras from GeoVision that offer protection for both, all in the same camera.

The Arctic Vandal Proof IP Dome Camera

The weather outside might be getting frightful now, but the crime outside is frightful year-round. You need a camera for your security camera system that can handle both the elements and the criminals. the GeoVision GV-VD5340-E is a dome camera designed for outdoor usage and has been developed with vandalism in mind. It comes with an IK10+ vandal resistance casing for the camera itself, and IP67 ingress protection to fight off the extremely cold weather and remain functional this season. The camera lenses themselves give the user up to 3x zooming capabilities and up to 20 meters optic distance for night vision monitoring. It also comes with an alarm system that alerts whenever there is tampering problem such as a change in the camera's focus or if the camera itself has been turned from its original field of vision.

Why Even Have It?

It's a simple fact that cold weather can affect how well your electronics work. That's why your iPhone normally says "Don't put in extreme temperatures." You want to have the comfort of knowing that your cameras are still working in extreme temperatures, and doing so the way that they were designed. If it gets too cold, some electronics and cameras will stop working all together. With the GV-VD5340-E, you're getting a camera that can take on even the most blisteringly cold temperatures. Snowy conditions? No problem. Below 0 degree temperatures. Who cares? This camera can make sure that your feeds stay online even if other cameras go out. Crime doesn't stop, no matter how cold or hot it is, so having this camera added as an addition to your security camera needs could be a huge asset.

Why Go With The Dome Camera?

One of the beauties of dome cameras is that many of the people looking into them can't tell where the actual lens is facing. This gives an added "bonus" to these cameras. If a criminal doesn't know where the camera is looking, he or she is much less likely to do anything to get themselves in trouble. The dome of the camera will be tinted often times and make it harder to see where exactly the camera is pointing. The casing also protects the lens from dust particles and other things that could damage the camera itself. Since this camera is, in fact, vandal and weather proof as well, you really are getting the best of both worlds.

GeoVision knows that your security means a lot to you. They know that you have enough to worry about as it is this coming holiday season. Why worry about your cameras being vandalized or the feeds going out because of the cold weather? Let GeoVision keep you protected this season.


Friday, September 5, 2014

GeoVision's 5MP IR Fisheye Camera Can Track You

What would you say the point of a security camera is? To keep thieves and vandals at bay? To make sure that your employees aren't doing anything that they're not supposed to be doing? Whatever the reason may be, it always has something to do with monitoring. The point of that camera is to keep an eye on something. When you are choosing what security camera to use however, you might be let down by some of the choices. Not all cameras have the viewing and monitoring capabilities that you may be looking for. You may like the camera, but it might not do what you need it to do. When you are selecting the camera you want for your security system, you're going to want something that you know will get the job done. Lucky for you, GeoVision might have just what you need with their new motion tracking fisheye camera.

Yes, It Can Track You

It feels like all cameras these days come with some type of special casing or IR capabilities. There's not really much out there anymore that catches your attention though. All of the cameras that have come out don't really offer much or a difference in terms of how they monitor. The GeoVision GV-FER5302 5 MP Fisheye camera brings something a unique to the table, however. How does the term "object-tracking" strike you? Yes. Object-tracking. This camera in particular can track objects/people and their movements while always keeping them in focus. It's even able to view whatever object you may want to see in a 180 degree panoramic view, or even a full 360 degree view. It can monitor from different angles as well, meaning that it has different ways of tracking an object, definitely not a feature that you hear a lot about with other security cameras.

What Else Does It Feature?
The beauty of GeoVision cameras are that they are almost always tricked out in the best ways possible. All of the features that they come with help make the cameras, as a whole, some of the best that you can get on the market today. This particular motion-tracking fisheye camera is no exception either. Some of the features include:
  • Two-way audio functionality
  • Defog feature
  • An Auto-pan function
  • No mechanical moving parts to malfunction within the camera itself
  • Micro SD card slot built in
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Privacy Mask
The camera also utilizes its playback functionality very well. During playback of the footage, the user can view the footage from any angle at any level of zoom as well. Literally any way that you may want to review footage, you can with this camera. The camera uses its different angles for remote viewing as well. All of the different viewing angles can be viewed simultaneously from different users accessing the camera's feed. This way, users can view everything that's happening in the room at the same time from different angles. The best way to monitor is to see everything at all times.

This camera definitely has a lot to offer someone looking for a nice addition to their surveillance system. While there are some who may find this an absolute necessity, there may be some who don't see a need for this particular camera. To those people I offer this: is there a particular room or area that needs constant monitoring and has a lot of area to cover? Here is the answer to that problem. Why spend more on multiple cameras to view different angles when you can have one camera that can view all angles at the same time? Not to mention that the motion tracking technology means that you will always be able to tell when someone is coming in and what they are doing.

Many of the cameras that we see today don't offer anything too different than what we are used to. You want to have to best type of surveillance for your camera system and your wallet. The GeoVision GV-FER5302 5MP Fisheye IP Camera can give you just that. Monitor whatever you need to monitor, from whatever angle you need to view it! Carries Geovision Software And Hardware 
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wireless Bullet Cameras Could Be A Huge Asset

If you have any type of security camera system installed, then you're probably aware of the different applications for different cameras. Everyone knows that having IR cameras are invaluable to any type of security system. Think about it. If a robbery or any type of theft is going to happen, it will more than likely happen in the cover of night. IR cameras, dome cameras, weatherproof cameras, and the like are all assets in a surveillance system. Some of these cameras will always have limitations on them. You want to be able to place these cameras appropriately in the areas that you need to monitor, but you can only move them so far with their wires holding you back. This is where the wireless bullet camera comes in.

It's All About Location 
Depending on the location that you're trying to monitor, your typical cameras might not be able to actually reach certain areas. Take for example, a marina. You might not think of this being a location that would be in need of security monitoring, but every place is susceptible to theft. This is why we monitor. That being said, it's still a challenge to find the proper placement for the best view points an angles. Naturally, the higher you can place the camera, the more area you can cover. With wired cameras, it'll be hard to fully cover the area you wish to monitor. By coupling your security camera system with wireless bullet cameras, you're opening up a lot more areas to cover. As long as there is a constant internet connection and wireless feed, you can place your cameras just about anywhere.

Embrace The Advantages 
When you have a system of wireless bullet cameras, you have a system of cameras that can be placed just about anywhere you want. It's not just the fact that they are wireless. Remember that bullet cameras are designed to be placed in the "nooks and crannies" of different facilities, simply because they can. Not to mention the fact that they are normally pretty easy to hide and maneuver. Then you have the obvious advantage; it's wireless! A wireless bullet camera is, essentially, the most "mobile" and "maneuverable" camera out there. The fact that they were made to be small and easy to handle coupled with the fact that they re wireless just makes it that much more of an asset to a CCTV system.

Your Internet Connection Will Be Important 
There are some let downs to the camera though, as there are with any camera. What would be the limitation to a wireless camera? Well the internet connection would probably be the first thing that came to mind. Think about the fact that your camera's feed would only be as strong as you internet connection. Should your internet connection fail on you, so too will your camera feeds. Wired cameras won't need to worry about internet connections because they're wired and can be directly connected. A wireless camera will be very dependent on the internet speed and connection rate. As long as that is remains intact, your wireless bullet cameras should be fine As with any other camera system, your bullet cameras will always be susceptible to vandalism. Whether they're wired or not, they can be damaged. That being said, there is a less likely chance for these to be damaged because these can be placed anywhere where the internet connection reaches. Even with those risks being a factor, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. A wireless bullet camera can do nothing but help monitor an area that you need to watch.
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

GeoVision's GV-UBX3301 IP Camera Can Fit Right In The Palm Of Your Hand

Society is rapidly changing to keep up with technology. Technology is rapidly advancing to keep up with a demanding society. Each one plays and grows off of the other. Unfortunately, as we see these two aspects of our lives consistently grow and change, so too does crime. Criminals are getting craftier and craftier. Not everyone of them, but most of them. We don't just deal with purse snatchers anymore. Instead, we deal with criminals who have planned things out. We deal with cyber criminals. We deal with smart thieves. We deal with people who could really pose a threat to us as people and business owners. Luckily for us, there are a few different ways that we can protect ourselves. Security camera systems can really help give a feeling of safety. They can also help deter thieves by ensuring that your home or business is constantly being monitored. If you're looking for a good camera for a security system, GeoVision has the hook up for you.

The GeoVision GV-UBX3301 IP Camera is a 3 Megapixel camera that is extremely lightweight and can fit right in your hand! This camera is actually designed for indoor usage specifically.

Just a few of the features of this new UBX model camera include:
  • Motion Detection
  • Intelligent IR
  • A Defog feature
  • A Tampering Alarm
Let's just get a bit more in depth with some of the benefits of adding this camera to your surveillance system.

Motion Detection
Motion detection is a big deal that many can take lightly when dealing with surveillance. You have to figure that depending on how sensitive the detection system is, it will capture any type of movement. If there is a way to configure how sensitive it is, it might be worth messing with. You wouldn't want to have your light or camera constantly turning on and recording footage of a rabbit hopping across your lawn or the stray cat passing through your driveway. The fact that it does come with a motion detection feature will always be a plus however.

Intelligent IR
Infrared cameras are very common but invaluable to be frank. Thats when crime tends to be more active, in the cloak of night. Think about it. It's easier to be unseen... unless your surveillance system cameras come with IR. The intelligent IR means that you will have a clear image on the camera, no matter how close something or someone is to it. By essentially realizing that an object or someone is closer to the camera, the IR sensitivity will adjust to ensure that you will have the most crisp image of whats in front of the camera. Most traditional IR cameras won't adjust the sensitivity of the IR lights and the saturation of whatever is in front of the camera, making any distinguishing features unable to be seen. Consider Intelligent IR a blessing at night times.

Tampering Alarm
This is arguably the coolest feature of this GeoVision camera. If there has been any type of tampering with the camera itself, then an alarm to the surveillance system it's connected to will go off. That means any type of unauthorized focus changes, if the camera is moved at any point before consent, or if someone decides to spray paint the lens. Any type of tampering will cause an immediate alarm to go off. If that doesn't scare off a potential threat, I'm not sure what will.

These are just a few of the features of this new camera line. Remember that this bad boy can also fit in your hands. That means that it's the perfect size for maneuvering it and positioning it in the perfect out of site spot. Add the new GV-UBX3301 to your security system today!

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Geovision Can Help You See Just How Popular Your Business Is

No matter if you're the largest food chain in the world, or if you are a brand new clothing line opening your first store, you are going to want to find out how much traffic your store is bringing in. I've never been the type of shopper to really pay attention to my surroundings. I normally go in, get what I need, and get out. That being said, I have noticed when there is a large quantity of people in one store. If I know that a popular woman's clothing store is having their weekly "semi-annual" sale again, I can safely bet that there's going to be quite a lot of people coming and going from the store. Any business owner, or share holder of the company, is going to want to know how business is going every day, already. The day of a sale is naturally going to bring more customers in, increasing traffic. If you have any type of investment in said company, you're going to want to know about this type of information quite often.

Geovision, the same great company that is able to offer you PoS systems, surveillance systems, and a menagerie of different cameras and capture cards, now has a product that will be able to help any business owner figure just how popular their store is. It's the Geovision GV-3D People Counter. This product will be able to monitor the specified area predetermined for it, keep track of passersby, and analyze the numbers data. Connecting the GV-3D People Counter to a VGA or HDMI monitor will give you an exact picture of the data. You'll even be able to configure and adjust the device's settings via an on-screen display menu. The product's built in Web interface and GV-Web Report Lite will make it easy to set up everything you may need online and give you direct access to the counting data via a web connection.

The features of this People Counter aren't anything extremely extravagant, and that may be the best part about it. There aren't any added bells and whistles to something that doesn't need it. You'll be able to view compiled analytical charts and graphs about the data collections. You'll even be able to customize the layout to your liking on your monitor. Arguably the best feature of this counter is the audio alarm. Should there be too much traffic in the wrong direction, or should there be too many people entering, exiting, or staying at one time, you'll be notified via an audio alert. Since the reports can be viewed live via a web connection, that gives the business owner some piece of mind as well. They'll be able to monitor how many people are in the store at one time, and be able to plan accordingly by simply calling the store and managing from home, essentially.

The average business owner needs to know how well business is going. They're going to want to know how much traffic is coming into the store. They will be able to use the data to compare it to projected sales vs actual sales. If there are a lot of people in the store, then there should be no reason to not make a sale correct? This way the owner will also be able to see when peak hours of operation are, and be able to staff accordingly after all of the data is compiled.

The Geovision GV-3D People Counter is basically what every business owner needs in order to find out where to start boosting sales. There are other venues to look over as well, but what better way to start than by seeing just how many potential customers you have, live, right from you're home or office. Don't worry business owners, Geovision has your back with this product.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

GeoVision Mobile DVR Can Help Make Your Mode Of Transportation A Lot Safer

There are plenty of times that we don't feel safe in particular areas. Sometimes it just happens to be a particular part of town. Other times, it's just a specific building that we don't necessarily feel safe. One place that many of us don't tend to think about when it comes to surveillance and safety, is any type of public transportation. The bus you take to work every morning. The cab that you call to get you around town. The subway train that you take to get back home from work. Crime doesn't stick to just stationary areas. Crime, like all of us, is mobile. The one thing that tends to give us some slight peace of mind is surveillance systems and security cameras. Well you can't exactly slap security cameras on a cab now... can you?

GeoVision has a solution for all of us who may not feel completely safe on our methods of transportation, and those of us who want to help keep our passengers feeling safe and taken care of. Through the use of GV-Video Servers working in conjunction with Mobile DVR solutions, all of the information you need on where your vehicle is, where it's going, how fast, and what's going on in the vehicle will be available to you.

It's a scary thought to think that anything can happen with public transportation. A bus or train could get taken over at any moment. A scary thought as that is, one thing that can help is GPS location. Should your mode of public transportation be working with Mobile DVR services from GeoVision, you can rest assured that the bus company will know where your bus is at all times. The GV-Video Server supports GPS tracking and verification through a few different ways. Google or Microsoft virtual maps can be accessed from any GV-Video Server web-based interface. With this information alone, transportation officials can learn about route times, in which part of town their vehicles are, and how long a particular vehicle has been in one spot.

When you want to monitor what's been going on in a specific vehicle, GeoVision's Mobile DVR solution offers a way for you to check all of your previously recorded footage. The GV-Backup Center is its own dedicated software, designed specifically for the Mobile DVR. Any computer or storage system can have this software loaded onto it, and will then have a copy of all of the previous video recordings and system logs backed up onto the computer or where ever the software has been installed. It always helps to have a back up for your records, no matter what.

By having this particular surveillance system hooked up into your methods of transportation, you are creating a deterrent for any would-be aggressors as well. When aware of the surveillance technology that is on the vehicle, vandals will be a lot less likely to do something if they are aware that they are being monitored. The fact that remote view can even be implemented with this technology is yet another reason to look into it. Instant video playback of everything that is happening on a bus, train, etc. in real time. As long as your computer or mobile device has Remote ViewLog software installed on it, then the transportation officials will be able to see exactly what the camera sees.

Remote View, extra back up storage space, archiving, and even GPS tracking and monitoring. All of these features, and more, are the perfect way to help make passengers feel a lot safer on their travels. They can thank GeoVision Mobile DVR Solutions for that sense of safety.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The GeoVision POS-DVR Is The Best Way To Fight Against Inventory Shrinkage And Currency Shortage

What do you think may be the biggest concern for most companies and businesses? Once you think about it, it becomes quite obvious. Loss prevention. It is something that plagues every company, no matter what sector they are in or what type of merchandise it is that they distribute. There are a few ideas that you may not consider when thinking of loss prevention within a business. It's not always customers intentionally stealing product. There are certain scenarios where it might just be a fault of the cashier or the POS system. Short drawers aren't always on purpose, naturally. Point being, though, is that they do happen. There has to be some way to monitor sales to help avoid inventory shrinkage, fight back against product loss and help boost loss prevention.

Thankfully, GeoVision Inc. has come up with a solution to help retailers and anyone else working with POS systems. Their response to loss prevention and inventory shrinkage during POS transactions? The GeoVision POS-DVR surveillance system.

So how could a POS-DVR surveillance system actually help? Well, think of what the system entails and what you already know about it. A surveillance system monitors and keeps track of whatever it is you wish to monitor. The DVR function records the video and can even give live access to video streaming capabilites. All of these, along with GV-data capture technology, can be used in conjunction with each other to help monitor POS stations, different transactions that take place, and more. With this system, you'll be able to set up alerts in case of emergency transactions. For example: Should an item be sold, and the transaction be deemed abnormal by pre-determined specifications set up by the owner, an alert will be sent out via emial, phone call, or text.

The software offers many other features besides the abnormal transaction alerts. One of the best features is the offering of text display directly on the POS video feeds. The transaction text will actually show up on the POS video being monitored. Naturally since it is working with a DVR function, the video can be recorded as well. Once the video is recorded and saved on the hard disk, you'll be able to go back and search the video footage for any mistakes that may have come up during the transaction period. You can search via specified criteria as well. Should you need to search by a list of transactions based off of a specific time frame, a keyword from the receipt, or even the transaction event, this software makes that possible. During your search, if you need to filter a few things out, you can do that as well. The POS Field Filter will be able to filter out any specific things you may not need to know about in your search for a particular transaction. For example, by putting in the transaction data you need via the field filter while adding key words that should be avoided (such as the word "Sprite" or "Coke"), you'll be able to pull up transactions that don't have those specific words involved in the transaction.

It's no surprise that product loss happens in every business involved in some type of retail. Accidents can happen at the POS station as well. It's just natural. There are ways to help prevent against this and help maintain your inventory. Protect your business, keep track of your sales, and monitor your cashier stations from any web browser. Do it all with the help of GeoVision's POS-DVR surveillance system.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

GeoVision DVR Cards Turn Any Computer Into A Video Recording Surveillance System

Security systems can be a bit pricey. With all the equipment you need along with installation costs and upkeep, a lot of people are unable to afford full video surveillance. DVR cards, on the other hand, are a cost-effective and easy way to turn almost any computer into a security camera video recording server. GeoVision is the leading manufacturer in the DVR market right now, with the company being well-known for great picture quality and performance.

DVR cards from GeoVision provide users with MPEG-4 video compression, H.264 video compression or both along with high-speed processing, tons of features and software that is very user-friendly, allowing you to view and record multiple cameras simultaneously.

A lot of businesses, especially small independently owned businesses, benefit from POS Live View, which is basically a live camera feed of the business' point-of-sales system. In a POS environment you have the ability to view live or recorded video alongside transaction details. This allows you to keep a close watch on each and every sale along with any and all discrepancies in your records.

The best thing about going with a GeoVision DVR card is that it provides you with lots of options with channel numbers and frame rates. GeoVision offers DVR cards with 4, 8, 16 or 32 channels with View/Record FPS ratings of 30/30, 60/60, 120/120, 240/240 and 480/480.

If you are like most average tech users then you probably think that installing anything is the hardest part. There is a lot of tech lingo out there that can be confusing for average users, though GeoVision's DVR card setup is actually quite simple. Here are the four simple steps to installing a GeoVision DVR card:

1.)Plug your GeoVision DVR card into your computer's PCI-Express slot on the motherboard.
2.) Connect your cameras with either the breakout connector or direct BNC connections.
3.) Install the included software for your drivers and GeoVision software.
4.) Start viewing and recording.

It's that simple!

GeoVision's software supports as many as 32 IP cameras, though that number lessens if you are using a GeoVision DVR card. If using the card, you can only view and record with the number of IP cameras you have connected to your card. What's more is that each GeoVision DVR card supports a set number of analog security cameras based on the number of channels.

If you are looking for a way to turn your own computer into a video surveillance recording system then the solution is simple, a GeoVision DVR card.    

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Exporting Geovision Files With Specific Codecs Made Easy!

The ability to capture and send footage has literally changed how we communicate and conduct business. Video files can turn the tide of a court case, and can also make us laugh hysterically. But, sometimes you have trouble sending or viewing your footage. It can be extremely frustrating to go in blind when trying to export your video files. The frustration only rises when dealing with specific exports. For example, whenever you need to export footage with a specific viewing format. This can become a hassle very quickly should you be unfamiliar with different exports. One of the more frustrating exports can be exporting video files with the Windows standard codec. But then again, some of us might be unfamiliar with what codec is in the first place.

So what is a codec exactly? The term of "codec" actually stands for two words simultaneously. The term is short for the words "compression/decompression", however it can also stand for "code/decode". It is actually a compression and decompression program that is used to shrink and play large video files on your computer. These types of programs are used so that your media player can play downloaded movies and music. The programs actually help out quite a bit when it comes to download times. By compressing files, it makes them "smaller" and quicker to transfer than if they weren't. The codec then decompresses the file during viewing.

Now there are different types of codecs, so exporting yours with the proper one can be tricky. Again, perhaps you need to export files with the Windows standard codec. There are some steps that can make things a lot easier.
  1. First, launch your ViewLog or enable your Remote ViewLog.
  2. After you launch your ViewLog, the database should load automatically. Should it not load, you can click the Advanced button, click Reload Database, click DVR, and then browse through the selection to find your video file.
  3. After you've selected your video file, right click on it and then select Save as Avi. Note that you can also click the Save as Avi button to make things a bit easier.
  4. Next you will have to click the Setting tab and pick a saving path in Set Location.
  5. Then in Codec Selection, pick WMV9 to export the video file with the Windows standard codec.
  6. Finally, click OK.
After these steps have been followed, you can export your file with the desired codec. After the export is done, you can view the file with the Windows Media Player. This should make things quite a bit easier when needing to export your files with a specific codec in mind. Sometimes, different files need to be exported with different codecs in order to be viewed properly. Again, it all depends on which file is going to be used to play the video file. Remember that there are hundreds of codecs out there, so knowing which type you need from the start can help with the stress of exporting.

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