Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New IP Solutions from GeoVision

GeoVision CamerasGeoVision is all set to demonstrate a new full series of high performance, top quality 1MP WDR, 1.3MP Low Lux, 2MP, 3MP and 5MP H.264 IP cameras. The different camera types include a 360-degree fisheye camera, a box camera, a cube camera, a mini fixed dome camera, an IR fixed dome camera, an IR vandal proof dome camera, an IR bullet camera, an IR arctic camera, an IR PTZ camera, a standard PTZ camera and an IP speed dome camera. In addition to all that, GeoVision is also offering a free full featured 32-channel GV-NVR.

If you are looking for a TV-out solution of IP surveillance, then an HD IP video decoder, which has the ability to decode 1 x 1080p, 4 x 720p or 9 x D1 in 30fps, will be available for you. However, GeoVision isn't done there, they have another product that they want to showcase, a 13" display pad which has the HD IP video decoder built directly in. This product comes with a remote control that allows users to select a certain camera, scan the display and even set up an application.

If you are looking for more of a large scale IP surveillance project, you can opt for the 128-channel GV-Recording Server. The 128-channel GV-Recording Server supports ONVIF as well as PSIA and is another new product that GeoVision is debuting to the market.

GeoVision is debuting a host of other products as well including the Video Wall solution designed for central management as well as a Focus Adjustment Utility which decreases the manpower necessary for focusing GeoVision multi-megapixel IP cameras.

GeoVision's GV-Hybrid DVR and GV-NVR both feature a 32-channel monitoring setup, smart video management and a built-in video analysis. In addition to that, they both enable users to apply analytic scenarios to best fit their needs like a 360-degree fisheye dewarping and tracking, face indexing, face counting, face masked alarms, people counting, tampering alarm, missing or unattended object detection, intrusion alarm, defog, video stabilization, crowd detection, digital tracking and PTZ tracking.

The GV-NVR is an ONVIF and PSIA conformance product and it also supports more than 1,000 IP camera models from all the leading manufacturers.

Source: Security Info Watch - GeoVision to introduce new IP solutions

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

GeoVision CCTV DVR Servers

GeoVision is popular among consumers due to its immense array of DVR and NVR products, but they also have a full line of servers as well. Each of GeoVision's servers is unique in different ways so if you are planning on getting one, it is important you know what they are, what they do and why a particular one may be better for you than another.

Tower Servers - Tower servers are an excellent office surveillance solution. They may be located anywhere on a local area network or stand alone. Tower servers are great replacements for existing low tech VHS systems and they also replace switches, multiplexers and recording devices in one self-contained unit. They also work with existing CCTV camera technology.

Cube Servers - Cube servers leave a very small carbon footprint and may be installed at a remote location. Multiple systems can be interconnected for use in large facilities and can connect to a switch or hub for total access. Cube servers may also be used for covert operations without a local keyboard or monitor.

VCR Replacement Servers - VCR replacement servers have the same footprint as a VCR when used in CCTV applications. These servers are good for general purpose office surveillance solutions and may be located anywhere on a local area network or stand alone.

Floor Mount Industrial Servers - These servers bolt to the floor, are difficult to steal, rugged for industrial applications, and good for construction trailers and other tough facilities. They also have filters on them in order to keep the server running in a dusty environment.

Tool Box Servers - These servers, like the floor mounted servers, are rugged for industrial applications, construction trailers or other tough facilities. They also have filters to keep the server running in a dusty environment. The only difference is that these servers are not mounted to the floor.

Rack Mount Servers - Rack mount servers are for server room-based surveillance and may be clustered or interconnected. Cabling options include cat-5 and coax with runs up to 2000 feet. Data can be stored on DVR Server Hard Drives, NAS Boxes or SANs.

If you have any questions about which server is right for you, how to acquire a server, how to get one set up or would like more information on each of the different server styles, then head on over to CameraSecurityNow.com. They are trusted and qualified GeoVision server technicians and are capable of handling any of your GeoVision Server needs.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Camera Security Now Specializes in GeoVision Technology

Camera Security NowLooking for a nice piece of GeoVision DVR equipment? Then look no further than CameraSecurityNow.com! CameraSecurityNow.com is one of the nation's leaders in home and business security camera systems and they also have a full line of GeoVision software and hardware that is perfect for any of your security camera projects whether they are big or small.

CameraSecurityNow.com has a wide range of GeoVision products that ranges from GeoVision servers, GeoVision DVR cards, GeoVision NVR cards and anything else you may want or need. CameraSecurityNow.com also has GeoVision CCTV DVR Tower Servers, Cube Servers, VCR Replacement Servers, Floor Mount Industrial Servers, Tool Box Servers and Rack Mount Servers, and that is only GeoVision Servers!

They also have pages on all of the New GeoVision Features as well as the Major GeoVision Features, GeoVision's V2 Central Monitoring Station, How to Upgrade Your GeoVision Software, GeoVision CCTV DVR Information, Connecting a Microphone to Your GeoVision DVR and so much more!

CameraSecurityNow.com has been in the security camera business for over 20 years and have experts in both installing and setting up security cameras and also GeoVision technology. If you want or need any kind of GeoVision software or hardware or any kind of security camera system for that matter, then visit CameraSecurityNow.com today.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

GeoVision Release V8.4

GeoVision V8.4GeoVision has finally released their new update V8.4 GV-NVR/GV-DVR. With V8.4 GeoVision supplies their IP cameras as well as their video servers with a free bundled 32-channel full featured GV-NVR. V8.4 is also ONVIF and PSIA compliant which allows it to support over 600 IP camera models from a plethora of different manufacturers and dealers.

V8.4 provides you with Smart Dual Streaming technology in order to solve problems with live viewing for large numbers of multi-megapixel IP cameras at installation. There is also a video compacting function which is used to keep video key frame by utilizing a small hard drive for the oldest video files. Schedule Center, another feature, is used for video compacting, video merging, and fast backup. V8.4 also adds a new video analytics function of Face Count with duration information that comes in handy in the retail market. V8.4 also adds support for mobile Android devices.

GeoVision's newly released IP cameras, including their new Fisheye camera, D/N Box camera, IR PTZ camera and D/N PTZ camera, are all supported with V8.4. The GV-FE110/GV-FE111 360-degree fisheye IP camera now has de-wrapping technology which makes it capable of multiple live views, remote monitoring and playback. It is also able to provide different viewing angles as well as zooming levels without blind spots for different users' logins at the same time.

This new version of GeoVision software is sure to add a lot of things that many people will be happy with as well as a few things that some people may have been waiting for. The fact that you get a free 32-channel full featured GV-NVR isn't too bad of a deal either.

Source: GeoVision - GeoVision released V8.4 GV-NVR/GV-DVR and new IP cameras
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to Upgrade Your GeoVision DVR Software

GeoVision SoftwareIn the market to upgrade your tired and old GeoVision DVR software? Well then you have stumbled upon the perfect blog for you. Thanks to instructions from CameraSecurityNow.com, we now have a step-by-step process that can walk you through every single thing you need to know about upgrading to the latest and greatest in GeoVision software.

Detection Tool Instructions:

After you download the detection tool from the link provided, copy the two files DetectSys.exe and GV_Detect.ini to your GV system folder, then run DetectSys.exe. After you run the tool, there is a strong possibility that you will see one of the following messages:

1.) "Install the card's driver first" --> This indicates that you have not installed the card driver. If you see this message, install the card driver and run the tool again.

2.) "You are eligible to upgrade your GV-System to Version 8.01" --> This message indicates that your system is qualified for the upgrade. You can download the upgrade from CameraSecurityNow.com's website.

3.) "If you have a USB dongle, your GV-System is eligible for upgrade to Version 7050. Otherwise, you can only upgrade your GV-System to Version 6050" --> This message indicates your system is not qualified for the upgrade.

To upgrade your GeoVision system fully, simply follow the three download links at CameraSecurityNow.com and GeoVision will provide you with a form to request a download.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

GeoVision Secures Lufthansa Technik Philippines

Lufthansa Technik PhilippinesInstalling security cameras can be easy, unless you have a particularly difficult situation or location. Lufthansa Technik Philippines, the large aircraft maintenance facility of Lufthansa, the German-based commercial aircraft enterprise, is one such situation. Installing a security camera system at this place is a challenge in every aspect of the installation including centralized management, bandwidth allocation and network control.

The hybrid DVR system from GeoVision addresses all of the challenges faced with installing at the Lufthansa Technik Philippines in a small package with its multiple compression and streaming capabilities. This GeoVision system hosts 128 newly purchased cameras as well as existing analog cameras and has megapixel cameras at key points. Each model of the CCTV system has to be able to function on its own, even if disconnected from the network, to work with the size and complexity of the LTP network.

Another thing is that, as the budget comes in two phases, the system must be scalable and modular in order for future camera expansion which could require an additional 300 cameras. According to A. Abalos, Security Manager for LTP, "The GeoVision system as designed and installed by ASIA Inc. is a powerful CCTV surveillance system that helps us protect our valuable personnel and assets. Its performance and scalability is a solution that is both cost effective and future proof."

Aside from meeting all the requirements for the project, GeoVision also offers centralized management via its CMS package. With the VSM (Vital Sign Monitor) application, both the camera and DVR status are displayed. This gives support personnel a detailed log for support analysis. With compressed video streams at the central monitoring station (CMS) application, the system is able to greatly reduce the load to the network while at the same time provide real-time data.

What many companies said couldn't be done, GeoVision managed to do, proving once again why they are among the leaders in the world of security and surveillance systems around the world.

Source: GeoVision

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

GeoVision V8.3.3 Support for Windows 7

GeoVisionGeoVision now has version 8.3.3 for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7. Version 8.3.3 passed all tests and was released for the following systems not too long ago:

  • GV-DVR

GV-DVR is a 32-channel digital surveillance system for video, audio and data processing from local and remote network environments.

  • GV Hybrid-DVR

GV Hybrid-DVR is a versatile video management system which supports transition from a legacy analog infrastructure towards a pure IP surveillance environment.

  • GV-NVR

GV-NVR is a 32-channel IP video management system which records video and audio data over TCI/IP networks.

  • GV-CMS

GV-CMS is an application with central monitoring stations support for large amounts of video monitoring, system remote control, configure and alarm notification.

  • GV-GIS

GV-GIS is a central management system with geographic information and Google Map support in order to track vehicle routes and even detect detours in the live monitoring and video playback.

The 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 are supported by all of the systems mentioned above as well as applications from version 8.3.3.

GeoVision also announced its ongoing R&D projects to support ONVIF and PSIA in its video surveillance products. These two companies are leading organizations that are pursuing the goal of bringing interoperability to IP cameras. GeoVision has joined with both ONVIF and PSIA as their member company, as delivering support to all IP cameras with ONVIF/PSIA protocols is a very important step forward in expanding the GeoVision IP product exposure.

GeoVision has supported over 200 models of IP cameras from major manufacturers like Bosch, Arecont Vision, IQinvision, Panasonic, Vivotek, Axis, Canon, JVC, Pelco, ACTi, Mobotix, Sony and Verint and is excited to bring ONVIF and PSIA on board as well.

Source: GeoVision
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

GeoVision Central Monitoring Station

GeoVision V2A security camera system is only as good as the ability you have to monitor it. What good is catching a criminal or something else on a security camera if you can only see it from your house or from a recorded video AFTER it has already happened? What you need is the ability to remotely view your feed live from anywhere in the world, and GeoVision has just the solution for you.

GeoVision's Center V2 central monitoring station (CMS) can be viewed anywhere in the world as long as you have a viable internet connection. The V2 brings multiple GeoVision CCTV DVR Camera Server Systems together on a single, integrated interface. This gives the remote operator the ability to manage multiple GeoVision systems from a single point of control.

The fundamental function of the Center V2 is to attach video evidence with any and all alerts being sent to the Center V2. This gives the remote operator the ability to determine the nature of the alarm, dispatch help when needed and remotely record video evidence.

There are also a slew of great features that come along with the Central V2 including:

- Monitoring of up to 320 video channels
- Real-time audio monitoring
- Real-time I/O monitoring
- Two-way audio communication
- Remote PTZ control
- Remote I/O control
- Automatic live video pops up when subscriber site's motion detection or an alarm occurs
- Twin-view support allows video and event list to be displayed on two different display screens
- Supports 15, 24, 25 and 36 screen divisions per display

As far as event features go, the Central V2 displays seven categories of event messages including motion events, alarm events, subscriber login/logout history, connection status and a lot more. The "Bookmark" feature allows remote operators to highlight important events. Event list filters also help aid event searches.

Recording features allow you to auto record video events to a local hard disk, pre-alarm and post-alarm recording, receive video attachment along with each event and also gives you a hard disk drive recycle feature which allows non-stop recording.

With a duspatch server you can manage up to 500 Center V2 servers. You are also capable of providing services for up to 10,000 subscribers. Rounding it out is auto connection lost recovery and subscriber load balancing which distributes subscriber requests across a group of Center V2 Servers.

For a full list of all the features on a GeoVision Center V2 system as well as system diagrams and other information check out CameraSecurityNow.com and their full list of GeoVision products.
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