Friday, September 5, 2014

GeoVision's 5MP IR Fisheye Camera Can Track You

What would you say the point of a security camera is? To keep thieves and vandals at bay? To make sure that your employees aren't doing anything that they're not supposed to be doing? Whatever the reason may be, it always has something to do with monitoring. The point of that camera is to keep an eye on something. When you are choosing what security camera to use however, you might be let down by some of the choices. Not all cameras have the viewing and monitoring capabilities that you may be looking for. You may like the camera, but it might not do what you need it to do. When you are selecting the camera you want for your security system, you're going to want something that you know will get the job done. Lucky for you, GeoVision might have just what you need with their new motion tracking fisheye camera.

Yes, It Can Track You

It feels like all cameras these days come with some type of special casing or IR capabilities. There's not really much out there anymore that catches your attention though. All of the cameras that have come out don't really offer much or a difference in terms of how they monitor. The GeoVision GV-FER5302 5 MP Fisheye camera brings something a unique to the table, however. How does the term "object-tracking" strike you? Yes. Object-tracking. This camera in particular can track objects/people and their movements while always keeping them in focus. It's even able to view whatever object you may want to see in a 180 degree panoramic view, or even a full 360 degree view. It can monitor from different angles as well, meaning that it has different ways of tracking an object, definitely not a feature that you hear a lot about with other security cameras.

What Else Does It Feature?
The beauty of GeoVision cameras are that they are almost always tricked out in the best ways possible. All of the features that they come with help make the cameras, as a whole, some of the best that you can get on the market today. This particular motion-tracking fisheye camera is no exception either. Some of the features include:
  • Two-way audio functionality
  • Defog feature
  • An Auto-pan function
  • No mechanical moving parts to malfunction within the camera itself
  • Micro SD card slot built in
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Privacy Mask
The camera also utilizes its playback functionality very well. During playback of the footage, the user can view the footage from any angle at any level of zoom as well. Literally any way that you may want to review footage, you can with this camera. The camera uses its different angles for remote viewing as well. All of the different viewing angles can be viewed simultaneously from different users accessing the camera's feed. This way, users can view everything that's happening in the room at the same time from different angles. The best way to monitor is to see everything at all times.

This camera definitely has a lot to offer someone looking for a nice addition to their surveillance system. While there are some who may find this an absolute necessity, there may be some who don't see a need for this particular camera. To those people I offer this: is there a particular room or area that needs constant monitoring and has a lot of area to cover? Here is the answer to that problem. Why spend more on multiple cameras to view different angles when you can have one camera that can view all angles at the same time? Not to mention that the motion tracking technology means that you will always be able to tell when someone is coming in and what they are doing.

Many of the cameras that we see today don't offer anything too different than what we are used to. You want to have to best type of surveillance for your camera system and your wallet. The GeoVision GV-FER5302 5MP Fisheye IP Camera can give you just that. Monitor whatever you need to monitor, from whatever angle you need to view it! Carries Geovision Software And Hardware 
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