Friday, December 17, 2010

GeoVision Point of Sale Monitoring Can Save You Money

GeoVision Point of SalesLosses are something a company or business never wants to see, and while losses can be explained by any number of reasons, a big reason for some businesses is that employees are being dishonest. Your employees may be skimming off the register or taking things when left alone, knowing that you put your trust in them to be honest. So how do you fix something like this? You use GeoVision's Point of Sale Monitoring.

Losses due to point of sale transactions can be a main cause for shrinkage as well as a constant drain on your business' resources. GeoVision's POS-DVR surveillance solution can help employers deal with these situations and stop the losses before they become too much for the business to recover from.

The GeoVision data capture device can monitor your register or counter area and even adds a transactional text overlay from each and every connected POS device. This provides you with visual contextual awareness that helps reduce shrinkage and protect assets from losses.

When a GeoVision system works in conjunction with a GV-Data Capture device, the GV-Series surveillance system can turn into a POS/DVR surveillance system. This allows vital transactional Point of Sale data to the system.

With these tools your management can be more effective at monitoring and remotely monitoring cashier areas, associate POS transaction data with videos, record videos for retroactive analysis, search transaction data to visually verify accurate sales and even output alarms for emergency events.

Don't let yourself become a victim of poor management and internal theft. Keep a bird's eye view on all of your business' transactions with the GeoVision Point of Sales Integration.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

GeoVision DVR Web Interface

GeoVision DVR Web InterfaceOld security systems required 24 hour monitoring from a paid security guard in a booth watching a security monitor or checking recorded feeds when you get back to your home or business. But now, thanks to one of GeoVision's many unique features, you can view your security feed in real time from anywhere in the entire world via web interface.

With GeoVision remote client software easily and automatically installs through the internet the very first time you connect. This makes having the most up-to-date system easy and takes all the strain off of downloading and searching through files yourself.

GeoVision's interface allows up to 16 camera views per window. Multiple windows can be launched, and the web interface also allows PTZ control, or Pan, Tilt, Zoom control as well as remote sound and even display statics.

GeoVision's DVR web interface allows users to connect to any number of remote GeoVision DVR Camera Servers and choose cameras from multiple server locations in the same view. Each and every camera can be configured any way the user desires.

All stored video on remote GeoVision CCTV DVR camera servers can be played back via the web connector. You can get a ton of GeoVision products from They offer a whole host of GeoVision products and services including GeoVision's DVR Web Interface. Check out to begin your GeoVision experience today.
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

GeoVision 2468BW: A Classic Never Dies

When it comes to security camera systems nowadays, people are always trying to get the biggest, baddest and most high tech systems they can find. Many people are willing to fork over big bucks for high tech security camera systems that do pretty much everything but arrest the criminal themselves. But ask yourself, is all of that really necessary?

Look, if you are willing to shell out loads of cash to the security companies for the absolute best thing you can get, then, by all means, go right ahead because I know the security companies won't mind. However, if you are looking for a standard security camera system that is known for reliability and all around great performance, then the GeoVision 2468BW system is perfect for you.

A GeoVision 2468BW Basic Security Camera System is perfect for anybody who needs just a small amount of security or who doesn't deem it necessary to empty out their wallets. The system comes with one GeoVision Basic DVR GV650-4 which allows CCTV cameras to be connected and viewed live on a local monitor screen via the internet or through a TCP/IP network. The Remote Playback (RPB) feature gives remote users online access, including download capability, with an easy to use intuitive DVR-like video interface.

This system also comes with four B/W (Black & White) Pro Bullet Security Cameras, one multi-camera power supply box, four DC power connector plug 2.1mm female with 3-foot leads which are used to hook the Siamese cable to the power supply, four 100" waterproof Siamese cables with BNC Power Connectors (video power cable) and one 17" security camera video display monitor.

With this system you have everything you need for a standard security camera setup that is capable of monitoring anything you could want from a warehouse, business, storage container or even your house. And the best part is that you won't go broke getting it.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

GeoVision GV-600-4

GeoVision GV-600-4For those of you who don't know, GeoVision technology is a multi-channel digital video surveillance system that utilizes MPEG4 video compression technology. The good thing about GeoVision systems is that CCTV cameras can be connected and viewed live on a local monitor screen via the internet or through a TCP/IP network.

GeoVision systems also have something called a Remote Playback (RPB) Feature. This feature gives users download capability on any file through an easy to use intuitive DVR-like video interface.

The GeoVision GV-600-4 CCTV DVR Video Camera Server is one of GeoVision's most trusted devices. The GV-600-4 works well and has a full list of features including: 30fps, 4 video channel ports, 2 audio ports, Dell Workstation, Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.8-GHz processor, Intel chipset, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 160GB hard drive, CDRW Internal IDE external hard drive, 256MB PCIe x16 NVIDIA NVS 290, onboard sound, Windows XP Pro and a 3-year warranty.

The GV-600-4 also has a lot of new features as well as some major features that many customers will be very interested and excited to see. GeoVision has been making quality devices for years and is one of the most trusted names in the security camera industry. So, if you are in the market for a Video Camera Server, then check out the GV-600-4.
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Free Full Featured 32 Channel NVR for GeoVision IP Cameras

Free 32 Channel GeoVision NVRGeoVision is scheduled to release its GV-NVR/GV-DVR V8.4 this month. In case you didn't know, GeoVision supplies a free bundled 32-Channel Full Featured GV-NVR V8.4 with its IP cameras and video servers. Yeah, free. The best part is that V8.4 is compliant to ONVIF as well as PSIA Standards.

GV-NVR V8.4 provides a Smart Dual Streaming technology. This solves the problem of live viewing for large numbers of multi-megapixel IP camera installations. This technology severely utilizes the benefits of different resolutions of dual streaming from triple CODEC of GeoVision megapixel IP cameras.

This version supports GeoVision 360-degree Fisheye IP camera de-wrapping technology for multiple views of live viewing, remote monitoring and playback. This enables viewing from any view angle and zoom level by different users with absolutely no blind spots.

GeoVision will be releasing over 20 models of IP cameras of different types and resolutions ranging everywhere from 1.3M, 1.3M Low Lux, 2M, 3M, 5M to 10M. The 1.3M Low Lux series provides extreme night vision for low light environment monitoring. Some of the models are even built with IR LED lights. GeoVision is also releasing 360-degree Fisheye IP cameras with 1.3M and 4M resolutions.

Take advantage of the free 32 channel NVR while you still can and be looking out for more details on the GeoVision GV-NVR/GV-DVR V8.4 later on. Keep checking back here for all your GeoVision news in the future.
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Features of a GeoVision System

GeoVision FeaturesWhen trying to choose the right security system, it is often helpful to know all of the features of the system you may be looking at. Knowing the ins and outs of a particular system could be the deal maker (or breaker) in your decision.

GeoVision has been providing quality DVR and NVR services for many years, and their list of features is very impressive, to say the least. A GeoVision system can do practically anything you want it to do. But hey, don't take it from me, take it from the source itself and check out this list of GeoVision features.

Intelligent Recording and Playback
- Privacy Mask Protection
- Advanced Motion Detection
- Scene Change Detection
- Pre-Recording Using HDD
- Advanced Round-the-Clock Recording
- Instant Playback
- Time Merge from Different Clips

WebCam - Remote Surveillance
- POS Live View via IE Browser
- 3G Mobile Phone Support (3GPP)
- SSL Encrypt Connection Support
- UPnP Support

Advanced I/O Control
- Visual Automation

- Virtual I/O Control
- One-Click I/O Status Control
- Multiple I/O Type Selection
- Latch Trigger Feature

Add-On Applications
- Password Expiration Management
- New Codecs: Geo H264, Geo MPEG4 ASP
- System Idle Protection
- Spot Monitor Controller
- POS Live Viewer
- Photo-ID Integration (GV-WT)
- Hard Disk Calculator

Mobile Phone Application
- Support 4, 9 and 16 Screen Divisions
- PTZ Control via Directional Buttons
- Channel Switch via Middle Button
- Support for Nokia S60 3rd Edition

Profile Management
- Selectable GUI Skin
- Custom Start-Up Splash Screen, Non-Active Video & Video Lost Screen
- Customizing System Feature
- Easy Configuration Backup and Restore
- Custom DVR Settings Template

Compatible with High-End Product Combo Cards
- GV-1120
- GV-1240
- GV-1480

- Higher Screen Resolutions (1920 x 1200, 1680 x 1050, 1600 x 1200)
- Touch Screen Support
- Full Screen View
- Dual Display Operation for Live Monitoring and ViewLog Playback on two Monitors
- Screen Pop-Ups on Motion or Alarm Activation
- Object Counting
- Object Tracking and Zooming by PTZ Domes
- Unattended and Missing Object Detection
- Alarm on Objects Passing Between Predefined Regions
- Digital Watermark
- Video Lost Detection
- On-Screen Video Loss Message
- Video De-Interlace Filter
- Higher Screen Resolution Support of 1280 x 1024
- E-Map
- Windows Lockup
- Image Size Indicator
- Synchronized Video and Audio
- Backlight Compensation
- Video Auto Gain Controller
- Video Scaling Filter
- AVI Repair Utility
- System Log
- Supports 1,000 Accounts for Logins and Passwords
- Multi-Level Password Protection
- Use Microsoft Remote Desktop to Control Another GV-System
- Twin DVR
- Embedded I/O Devices Control
- Embedded PTZ Control Panel
- Supports Dynamic IP Address

- Choice of Recording at 15, 30, 60, 120, 240 and 480 fps
- Recording Trigger by Round-the-Clock, Motion Detection, Alarm and Schedule
- Adjustable Recording Quality and Frame Rate for Each Camera
- Pre-Motion and Post-Motion Recording
- Supports Windows XP/Server 2003 Burning Software

- 16 Channels of Live Audio Streaming and Recording

Smart Search and Ease Playback
- Timeline Search
- Face Detection for Object Index
- Object Search
- Index Search
- Object Index
- Thumbnail Browse for Ease of Search for Specific Frames within Video Footage
- Export a Video Footage within a Specified Time Range
- Synchronized Audio and Video for both Live and Playback Modes
- Continues playback of set frames A to B
- EXE format export, playable with any third-party players
- AVI format export in multiple screens mode
- DVD format export for Hybrid Card format files
- Option for recycling the input-triggered events (Never recycle function)
- Backup, save AVI and BMP functions accessible in LAN ViewLog
- Automatic refresh of the video event list in LAN ViewLog

- E-mail notification with attached video images on motion and alarm activation
- E-mail or telephone notification on video lost or I/O error
- Directs PTZ dome to a preset location on motion and alarm activation
- SMS alerts available in Main System, Center V2 and Vital Sign Monitor
- Alarms on objects that pass between predefined regions

Remote Monitoring Software
- Remote View
- IP Multicast
- WebCam
- Remote Playback System
- G-View for WinCE PDA
- I-Mode

IT Technology
- RSA Network Security
- Authentication Server: central control of password settings in local GV-DVRs

Central Monitoring Station (CMS)
- Center V2
- Vital Sign Monitor
- Dispatch Server
- Control Center

Integration Solution
- Point-Of-Sale
- Licence Plate Recognition

If this list of GeoVision features isn't enough for you, then I am sorry to tell you that the system you are looking for does not exist because GeoVision has EVERYTHING! You cannot go wrong with a system from GeoVision. And, with a plethora of models suited to fit any camera need, you can always find what you are looking for.
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

GeoVision GV-FE110 Coming Soon

GeoVision GV-FE110Security Cameras are one of the hottest pieces of tech and security on the market right now. For obvious reasons security, in both the home and the workplace, is extremely important, which makes the demand for an increase in security camera technology grow rapidly.

GeoVision is one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers in the security camera business, and they are coming out with an all new fish eye IP camera known as the GV-FE110.

The GV-FE110 is a fish eye camera that allows you to monitor any and all angles of your desired location with the convenience of a single, solitary camera. Now you may be thinking "Gathering detail from a fish eye lens is impossible," but GeoVision has that covered. The GV-FE110 converts the hemispherical image of the fish eye lens into your standard, everyday rectilinear projection.

One of the best things about this new camera is that you can watch live feed as well as utilize functions like motion detection, privacy mask and alert notification through an easy to use web interface in your standard internet browser. Plus, all of this can be done without installing yet another piece of software.

In addition to that the GV-FE110 seamlessly integrates with the GV-System, which provides advanced monitoring and video management features. Here is a full list of the key features of the GV-FE110:

-1.3M progressive scan CMOS
-H.264, MPEG 4 and MJPEG
-Provides 360 and 180 degrees panorama view
-No mechanical moving parts
-Built-in Web server for monitoring through IE browser
-Virtual PTZ function
-Auto Pan function
-Playback from any view angle and zoom level
-Privacy mask
-Visual automation
-Tampering alarm
-Built-in microphone and speaker
-DC 12V / AC 24V / PoE
-Micro SD
-16 languages on web interface

The GV-Fe110 can be mounted two different ways, either via a hard ceiling mount or an in-ceiling mount. The in-ceiling mount allows the GV-FE110to be mounted into the ceiling only revealing a small portion of the camera, whereas the hard ceiling mount allows the camera to be mounted on the ceiling displaying the entire body.

If you are looking for a new camera with a wide range of view, then you should definitely check out GeoVision's GV-FE110 fish eye IP camera. It will be available soon so check back here for any and all updates.
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

GeoVision Support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008

GeoVision Supports Windows 7GeoVision updated their software recently with update version 8.3.3 for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 support. This latest update passed all testing for operation and is ready for release for the following systems:

GV-DVR is a 32-channel digital surveillance system used for audio, video and data processing from remote and local network environments

GV Hybrid-DVR
GV Hybrid-DVR is a versatile video management platform with support for transition from a legacy analog infrastructure towards a pure IP surveillance environment

GV-NVR is a 32-channel IP video management platform which records audio and video data over TCI/IP networks

GV-CMS is an application that has central monitoring support for a vast amount of video monitoring, configure, system remote control and alarm notification.

GV-GIS is a central management system with geographic information as well as Google Maps support which allows it to track vehicles' routes as well as detect detours in the live monitoring and video playback.

The 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008 as well as Windows 7 are all supported by the systems just mentioned and applications from update version 8.3.3. GeoVision also announced their ongoing R&D projects to support ONVIF/PSIA in their video surveillance products.

ONVIFONVIF and PSIA are two leading organizations both of which are pursuing their goal to bring interoperability to IP cameras. Delivering support to each and every IP camera with ONVIF/PSIA protocols is a very importantPSIA step forward in expanding GeoVision's IP product exposure. That is why GeoVision has joined forces with both ONVIF and PSIA as a member company. GeoVision will soon support ONVIF and PSIA in all of their video surveillance products.

GeoVision has supported over 200 models of IP cameras from major manufacturers such as ACTi, Arecont Vision, Axis, Bosch, Canon, IQinvision, JVC, Mobotix, Panasonic, Pelco, Sony, Verint and even Vivotek, so it only makes sense that they add ONVIF and PSIA to that list.
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

GeoVision G-View

GeoVision G-ViewOne of the best things about a security camera system is that you have full control over everything that has been recorded by the long as you are in the same room as the hardware the cameras are feeding to. But what about if you are away from home and you want to check the feed and see if everything is in order?

This may seem impossible but, thanks to GeoVision, it isn't. G-View is GeoVision CCTV in the palm of your hand through any PDA or smartphone. This CCTV DVR application expands the GeoVision network to handheld devices, including those from Dell, HP, Toshiba, Compaq and other manufacturers.

G-View allows GeoVision users to view video from any networked GV-system in real-time (yeah, you read that right, real-time) on any Windows CE-based PDA. Users can also switch to view different cameras and even perform PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) control or take a quick snapshot from the live video feed.

Find out all you need to know about GeoVision's G-View at where you can even find a complete list of GeoVision Compatible PDAs and Smart Phones.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

VIVOTEK Network Cameras Supported by GeoVision

GeoVision and VIVOTEKVIVOTEK, a prestigious leading manufacturer in the network video surveillance industry, has been around since 2000 and is always looking at new ways of expanding business. Well, not too long ago they found one of the best ways possible to expand their business by crafting an agreement with GeoVision, a leader in the DVR and NVR business.

With the two companies working together, GeoVision has integrated VIVOTEK's 7000 series and newer 8000 series H.264 network cameras with GeoVision's GV-NVR 8.3 IP software, one of the leading IP video management platforms available. This integration offers a powerful yet flexible solution to modern surveillance.

GeoVision's Pure IP Surveillance platform is a strong video management solution with full IP video management capabilities. The platform also has superior interoperability with surveillance systems that are already out. Another good thing about this system is that it is appropriate for as few as one camera or as many as thousands.

Users can control VIVOTEK Network cameras on a GeoVision platform, performing functions like video codec selection and PTZ. According to Owen Chan, Chairmen of VIVOTEK, "GeoVision plays a key role in IP video surveillance software. With this cooperation, we have seen a significant enhancement of our product competitiveness. The integration has opened up the potential to maximize each of our respective business to offer our customers a premium solution."

"We are pleased to add support for VIVOTEK's network cameras to GeoVision's offerings. Our software platform, integrated with the network cameras, is suitable for organizations of all sizes, making it possible to provide comprehensive solutions to a wide range of customers." according to CEO of GeoVision George Tai.

Needless to say there are definitely going to be some big things happening from this partnership between VIVOTEK and GeoVision.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Remote DVR/NVR Server Check Up

GeoVision NVRJust because you buy a security camera system doesn't mean that you can just let it run and everything will be ok. Just like any piece of equipment, you security camera system needs to have regular maintenance to insure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Security camera maintenance isn't a new thing and there are plenty stories of people neglecting their systems that end with disastrous results. However, with the right equipment and the right technology, worries about proper maintenance for your security camera system can become a thing of the past.

The best way to keep your system running smoothly is with a set schedule for maintenance. Whether it be weekly, monthly or even quarterly, any type of schedule maintenance could catch a potentially big problem before anything comes up about it. Camera Security Now has been doing security system checkups for years and at only $25 per checkup your GeoVision server can receive a complete diagnoses from a highly trained security systems specialist.

Camera Security Now performs an in-depth checkup of your GeoVision DVR/NVR servers to insure that your system is running as smoothly as possible. A technician from Camera Security Now will check your overall system function, your hard drive performance and usage levels, your virus protection patch version, your OS service patch version, that your cameras are recording according to plan, your internet connectivity and your GeoVision software release notification. After each remote checkup, a technician will provide you with a brief report on how everything is running.

If you have a security system, chances are that you are not paying as much attention to that system's maintenance as you should be. Don't wait until your system is broken before you try and fix it. Insure that your system never breaks with scheduled maintenance checkups from a highly trained security systems specialist. Visit or to schedule a Remote DVR/NVR Server Check Up today because it's never to late to make sure your system is running top notch.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

GeoVision Turbo Mode

GeoVision logoGeoVision has been one of the leaders in the market of digital surveillance for many years and always seems to produce some great products and some great features that work to enhance the way we use digital surveillance systems. Features with GeoVision continuously strive to make digital surveillance better and better each day and that is exactly what the company's newest feature, Turbo Mode, tries to do as well.

What Turbo Mode does is that it allows recording at the highest speed that GV-Combo Card A, which includes GV-1120A, GV-1240A and GV-1480A, can provide at the VGA and D1 resolutions. This basically means that the Type A card can record more frame rate per second than the current GV Combo card. Turbo Mode is not compatible with current GV Combo D-Type cards. If you are going to be using Turbo Mode and you have this setup then you will have to replace your old GV Combo card with 2 Type A cards.

Here are the minimum system requirements you will need to meet in order to run Turbo Mode on one GV-1408A card: Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz CPU, 2 x 512 MB Dual Channels of RAM for Windows 2000 and XP operating systems or 2 x 1 GB Dual Channels of RAM for Windows Server 2003 and Vista, ATI Radeon X1300 PCI-E or NVIDIA n7300 PCI-E VGA and 320GB HDD. The minimum system requirements to run two GV-1408A cards is a Core i7-920 2.66GHz CPU, 2 x 1 GB Dual Channels of RAM for all operating systems, ATI Radeon X1300 PCI-E or NVIDIA GeForce 7300 PCI-E VGA and 750 GB HDD.

Turbo Mode is out now on GeoVision 8.3 but a lot of details about it are hard to find. But nevertheless it seems like it will greatly improve digital surveillance recording and, hopefully, help out a lot of companies and businesses that use GeoVision digital recording systems for their security needs.