Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DVR Software Can Detect Theft As It Happens

One of the features not many people know about on the Geovision DVR system is the Missing Object Detection feature. This feature allows the DVR to look at a particular object, and if that object moves, this action will cause an alarm to be sounded. Geovision has a demo of this feature on their website here: http://www.geovision.com.tw/demo/vid/demo4.htm

There are many applications for a feature like this, especially in places where valuables may be easily accessible to the public. Imagine a sports bar that has a signed piece of memorabilia at the bar. Bartenders often get busy and may not notice if a patron were to quickly swipe the piece and leave. By setting up a Geovision DVR system to the watch the bar and especially the memorabilia, the bar owner can ensure that the piece doesn't get stolen regardless of whether their staff is paying attention to it or not.

This instant notification is much better for security protection than just being able to review the video after the theft. It is easy to conceal one's identity and hide one's face with the use of hoods, ball caps, etc. When reviewing video of a theft, oftentimes it is impossible to get a clear identity of the thief. With the instant notification that Missing Object Detection gives you, you can catch the thief while he or she is still on the premises and before they've disappeared.

If you'd like to see other demonstrations about the Geovision Missing Object Detection feature or get a quote on getting a Geovision DVR system in your business, contact CameraSecurityNow.com at 877-422-1907.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Security & Marketing Analysis: Two Birds With One Stone

Did you know that a Geovision DVR can count? Geovision has the technology to count the number of people entering and exiting a given space. By doing nothing other than setting up a video surveillance system with a Geovision DVR, you can instantly know how many people have passed by the visual field of a security camera. This built-in feature can have many interesting applications and can turn your surveillance system into a data gathering tool. While insuring security and gathering relevant data simultaneously and through the same means, you really can 'kill two birds with one stone' using a Geovision DVR.

Data Sampling For Marketing Analysis
You can keep a close eye on traffic to and from your store each day and even have an accurate ratio of customers who purchased to customers who were just 'window shopping'. If your cameras are placed strategically enough, you can even use this feature to gather data on how many people pass by a given product display or particular retail department, allowing you to gather market viability of a product or its display.

For Large Events
If an event like a convention or trade show is large enough, boosted video surveillance is a good idea. In addition to added security, you can also keep track of how many attendees you have. By setting up cameras connected to a Geovision DVR, you can let the People Counting feature run and always have an updated number on people currently attending your event. With strategically placed cameras, you can even keep track of where attendees tend to gravitate, giving you an accurate impression of the relevant markets that your event might focus on. If you are exhibiting at a trade show, you might even set up a small surveillance system to track how many people enter and exit your own exhibition space.

When in the market for a video surveillance system, it is important to be aware of all that you can get out of the system that you purchase or rent. With features like the People Counting feature, as well as other useful features, a Geovision DVR allows for multiple applications of a surveillance system over and above mere security. Which makes its purchase, lease or rental well worth your investment.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

GeoVision's new 5MP Fisheye

GeoVision's newest 5 Megapixel Fisheye is capable of doing what a system of several cameras does all by itself. With a 360 degree view that has no blind spot and features an interface that is both user-intuitive and user-friendly, this security camera makes a perfect addition to an inclusive surveillance system.

Features that make this camera so great:
5-MP: High resolution and clear, crisp images.
Moving Object Tracking: Target a person or object and track it. Simple as that.
Desired View: 360 degrees of source image allows the user to view at any angle and any zoom level.
Privacy Mask: Block out portions of the video to ensure privacy.
Rugged: Good for outdoor use.
Tampering Alarm: Alert beforehand any damage to the camera view
Other Features: Virtual PTZ, Auto Pan, Visual Automation, Electronic Day/Night, Built-in Microphone and Speaker

Having one of these cameras could reduce the number of cameras necessary in your surveillance system, saving you money.

To get an idea of what this camera is capable of, check out Andy's video demo below of the comparable 4MP Fisheye.