Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to Upgrade Your GeoVision DVR Software

GeoVision SoftwareIn the market to upgrade your tired and old GeoVision DVR software? Well then you have stumbled upon the perfect blog for you. Thanks to instructions from, we now have a step-by-step process that can walk you through every single thing you need to know about upgrading to the latest and greatest in GeoVision software.

Detection Tool Instructions:

After you download the detection tool from the link provided, copy the two files DetectSys.exe and GV_Detect.ini to your GV system folder, then run DetectSys.exe. After you run the tool, there is a strong possibility that you will see one of the following messages:

1.) "Install the card's driver first" --> This indicates that you have not installed the card driver. If you see this message, install the card driver and run the tool again.

2.) "You are eligible to upgrade your GV-System to Version 8.01" --> This message indicates that your system is qualified for the upgrade. You can download the upgrade from's website.

3.) "If you have a USB dongle, your GV-System is eligible for upgrade to Version 7050. Otherwise, you can only upgrade your GV-System to Version 6050" --> This message indicates your system is not qualified for the upgrade.

To upgrade your GeoVision system fully, simply follow the three download links at and GeoVision will provide you with a form to request a download.

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