Thursday, September 30, 2010

GeoVision GV-FE110 Coming Soon

GeoVision GV-FE110Security Cameras are one of the hottest pieces of tech and security on the market right now. For obvious reasons security, in both the home and the workplace, is extremely important, which makes the demand for an increase in security camera technology grow rapidly.

GeoVision is one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers in the security camera business, and they are coming out with an all new fish eye IP camera known as the GV-FE110.

The GV-FE110 is a fish eye camera that allows you to monitor any and all angles of your desired location with the convenience of a single, solitary camera. Now you may be thinking "Gathering detail from a fish eye lens is impossible," but GeoVision has that covered. The GV-FE110 converts the hemispherical image of the fish eye lens into your standard, everyday rectilinear projection.

One of the best things about this new camera is that you can watch live feed as well as utilize functions like motion detection, privacy mask and alert notification through an easy to use web interface in your standard internet browser. Plus, all of this can be done without installing yet another piece of software.

In addition to that the GV-FE110 seamlessly integrates with the GV-System, which provides advanced monitoring and video management features. Here is a full list of the key features of the GV-FE110:

-1.3M progressive scan CMOS
-H.264, MPEG 4 and MJPEG
-Provides 360 and 180 degrees panorama view
-No mechanical moving parts
-Built-in Web server for monitoring through IE browser
-Virtual PTZ function
-Auto Pan function
-Playback from any view angle and zoom level
-Privacy mask
-Visual automation
-Tampering alarm
-Built-in microphone and speaker
-DC 12V / AC 24V / PoE
-Micro SD
-16 languages on web interface

The GV-Fe110 can be mounted two different ways, either via a hard ceiling mount or an in-ceiling mount. The in-ceiling mount allows the GV-FE110to be mounted into the ceiling only revealing a small portion of the camera, whereas the hard ceiling mount allows the camera to be mounted on the ceiling displaying the entire body.

If you are looking for a new camera with a wide range of view, then you should definitely check out GeoVision's GV-FE110 fish eye IP camera. It will be available soon so check back here for any and all updates.
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