Thursday, January 13, 2011

GeoVision Secures Lufthansa Technik Philippines

Lufthansa Technik PhilippinesInstalling security cameras can be easy, unless you have a particularly difficult situation or location. Lufthansa Technik Philippines, the large aircraft maintenance facility of Lufthansa, the German-based commercial aircraft enterprise, is one such situation. Installing a security camera system at this place is a challenge in every aspect of the installation including centralized management, bandwidth allocation and network control.

The hybrid DVR system from GeoVision addresses all of the challenges faced with installing at the Lufthansa Technik Philippines in a small package with its multiple compression and streaming capabilities. This GeoVision system hosts 128 newly purchased cameras as well as existing analog cameras and has megapixel cameras at key points. Each model of the CCTV system has to be able to function on its own, even if disconnected from the network, to work with the size and complexity of the LTP network.

Another thing is that, as the budget comes in two phases, the system must be scalable and modular in order for future camera expansion which could require an additional 300 cameras. According to A. Abalos, Security Manager for LTP, "The GeoVision system as designed and installed by ASIA Inc. is a powerful CCTV surveillance system that helps us protect our valuable personnel and assets. Its performance and scalability is a solution that is both cost effective and future proof."

Aside from meeting all the requirements for the project, GeoVision also offers centralized management via its CMS package. With the VSM (Vital Sign Monitor) application, both the camera and DVR status are displayed. This gives support personnel a detailed log for support analysis. With compressed video streams at the central monitoring station (CMS) application, the system is able to greatly reduce the load to the network while at the same time provide real-time data.

What many companies said couldn't be done, GeoVision managed to do, proving once again why they are among the leaders in the world of security and surveillance systems around the world.

Source: GeoVision

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