Tuesday, July 3, 2012

GeoVision Access Control

GeoVision Access ControlGeoVision surveillance systems offer various means of access control. Access control is a way of restricting certain people's access to certain areas. For instance, the lock on your car door is an access control system that keeps everyone but the key-holder (you) from gaining access to your car and using it. GeoVision access control works just like this, though a physical key is not always the means of granting access.  Other means include facial recognition (with a camera reader), fingerprint readers, card readers and PIN code readers.

Depending on your situation, one form of access control may be more suitable. For instance, if you require top level security in a certain area, you want a form of access control that is more secure. A PIN code can be shared or leaked and a card can be lost or stolen; these are not the most secure forms of access control. For these situations fingerprint readers and facial recognition are better choices because it is extremely hard to find a loophole that grants access.

GeoVision offers everything you need to complete an access control system, from the software to the controller, to electronic locks and all types of readers. If you're interested in an access control system or need further information, contact a Camerasecuritynow.com agent at 877-422-1907.

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