Thursday, April 17, 2014

The GeoVision POS-DVR Is The Best Way To Fight Against Inventory Shrinkage And Currency Shortage

What do you think may be the biggest concern for most companies and businesses? Once you think about it, it becomes quite obvious. Loss prevention. It is something that plagues every company, no matter what sector they are in or what type of merchandise it is that they distribute. There are a few ideas that you may not consider when thinking of loss prevention within a business. It's not always customers intentionally stealing product. There are certain scenarios where it might just be a fault of the cashier or the POS system. Short drawers aren't always on purpose, naturally. Point being, though, is that they do happen. There has to be some way to monitor sales to help avoid inventory shrinkage, fight back against product loss and help boost loss prevention.

Thankfully, GeoVision Inc. has come up with a solution to help retailers and anyone else working with POS systems. Their response to loss prevention and inventory shrinkage during POS transactions? The GeoVision POS-DVR surveillance system.

So how could a POS-DVR surveillance system actually help? Well, think of what the system entails and what you already know about it. A surveillance system monitors and keeps track of whatever it is you wish to monitor. The DVR function records the video and can even give live access to video streaming capabilites. All of these, along with GV-data capture technology, can be used in conjunction with each other to help monitor POS stations, different transactions that take place, and more. With this system, you'll be able to set up alerts in case of emergency transactions. For example: Should an item be sold, and the transaction be deemed abnormal by pre-determined specifications set up by the owner, an alert will be sent out via emial, phone call, or text.

The software offers many other features besides the abnormal transaction alerts. One of the best features is the offering of text display directly on the POS video feeds. The transaction text will actually show up on the POS video being monitored. Naturally since it is working with a DVR function, the video can be recorded as well. Once the video is recorded and saved on the hard disk, you'll be able to go back and search the video footage for any mistakes that may have come up during the transaction period. You can search via specified criteria as well. Should you need to search by a list of transactions based off of a specific time frame, a keyword from the receipt, or even the transaction event, this software makes that possible. During your search, if you need to filter a few things out, you can do that as well. The POS Field Filter will be able to filter out any specific things you may not need to know about in your search for a particular transaction. For example, by putting in the transaction data you need via the field filter while adding key words that should be avoided (such as the word "Sprite" or "Coke"), you'll be able to pull up transactions that don't have those specific words involved in the transaction.

It's no surprise that product loss happens in every business involved in some type of retail. Accidents can happen at the POS station as well. It's just natural. There are ways to help prevent against this and help maintain your inventory. Protect your business, keep track of your sales, and monitor your cashier stations from any web browser. Do it all with the help of GeoVision's POS-DVR surveillance system.


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