Friday, February 19, 2010

Remote DVR/NVR Server Check Up

GeoVision NVRJust because you buy a security camera system doesn't mean that you can just let it run and everything will be ok. Just like any piece of equipment, you security camera system needs to have regular maintenance to insure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Security camera maintenance isn't a new thing and there are plenty stories of people neglecting their systems that end with disastrous results. However, with the right equipment and the right technology, worries about proper maintenance for your security camera system can become a thing of the past.

The best way to keep your system running smoothly is with a set schedule for maintenance. Whether it be weekly, monthly or even quarterly, any type of schedule maintenance could catch a potentially big problem before anything comes up about it. Camera Security Now has been doing security system checkups for years and at only $25 per checkup your GeoVision server can receive a complete diagnoses from a highly trained security systems specialist.

Camera Security Now performs an in-depth checkup of your GeoVision DVR/NVR servers to insure that your system is running as smoothly as possible. A technician from Camera Security Now will check your overall system function, your hard drive performance and usage levels, your virus protection patch version, your OS service patch version, that your cameras are recording according to plan, your internet connectivity and your GeoVision software release notification. After each remote checkup, a technician will provide you with a brief report on how everything is running.

If you have a security system, chances are that you are not paying as much attention to that system's maintenance as you should be. Don't wait until your system is broken before you try and fix it. Insure that your system never breaks with scheduled maintenance checkups from a highly trained security systems specialist. Visit or to schedule a Remote DVR/NVR Server Check Up today because it's never to late to make sure your system is running top notch.

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