Thursday, August 19, 2010

VIVOTEK Network Cameras Supported by GeoVision

GeoVision and VIVOTEKVIVOTEK, a prestigious leading manufacturer in the network video surveillance industry, has been around since 2000 and is always looking at new ways of expanding business. Well, not too long ago they found one of the best ways possible to expand their business by crafting an agreement with GeoVision, a leader in the DVR and NVR business.

With the two companies working together, GeoVision has integrated VIVOTEK's 7000 series and newer 8000 series H.264 network cameras with GeoVision's GV-NVR 8.3 IP software, one of the leading IP video management platforms available. This integration offers a powerful yet flexible solution to modern surveillance.

GeoVision's Pure IP Surveillance platform is a strong video management solution with full IP video management capabilities. The platform also has superior interoperability with surveillance systems that are already out. Another good thing about this system is that it is appropriate for as few as one camera or as many as thousands.

Users can control VIVOTEK Network cameras on a GeoVision platform, performing functions like video codec selection and PTZ. According to Owen Chan, Chairmen of VIVOTEK, "GeoVision plays a key role in IP video surveillance software. With this cooperation, we have seen a significant enhancement of our product competitiveness. The integration has opened up the potential to maximize each of our respective business to offer our customers a premium solution."

"We are pleased to add support for VIVOTEK's network cameras to GeoVision's offerings. Our software platform, integrated with the network cameras, is suitable for organizations of all sizes, making it possible to provide comprehensive solutions to a wide range of customers." according to CEO of GeoVision George Tai.

Needless to say there are definitely going to be some big things happening from this partnership between VIVOTEK and GeoVision.

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