Thursday, December 2, 2010

GeoVision 2468BW: A Classic Never Dies

When it comes to security camera systems nowadays, people are always trying to get the biggest, baddest and most high tech systems they can find. Many people are willing to fork over big bucks for high tech security camera systems that do pretty much everything but arrest the criminal themselves. But ask yourself, is all of that really necessary?

Look, if you are willing to shell out loads of cash to the security companies for the absolute best thing you can get, then, by all means, go right ahead because I know the security companies won't mind. However, if you are looking for a standard security camera system that is known for reliability and all around great performance, then the GeoVision 2468BW system is perfect for you.

A GeoVision 2468BW Basic Security Camera System is perfect for anybody who needs just a small amount of security or who doesn't deem it necessary to empty out their wallets. The system comes with one GeoVision Basic DVR GV650-4 which allows CCTV cameras to be connected and viewed live on a local monitor screen via the internet or through a TCP/IP network. The Remote Playback (RPB) feature gives remote users online access, including download capability, with an easy to use intuitive DVR-like video interface.

This system also comes with four B/W (Black & White) Pro Bullet Security Cameras, one multi-camera power supply box, four DC power connector plug 2.1mm female with 3-foot leads which are used to hook the Siamese cable to the power supply, four 100" waterproof Siamese cables with BNC Power Connectors (video power cable) and one 17" security camera video display monitor.

With this system you have everything you need for a standard security camera setup that is capable of monitoring anything you could want from a warehouse, business, storage container or even your house. And the best part is that you won't go broke getting it.
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