Friday, December 10, 2010

GeoVision DVR Web Interface

GeoVision DVR Web InterfaceOld security systems required 24 hour monitoring from a paid security guard in a booth watching a security monitor or checking recorded feeds when you get back to your home or business. But now, thanks to one of GeoVision's many unique features, you can view your security feed in real time from anywhere in the entire world via web interface.

With GeoVision remote client software easily and automatically installs through the internet the very first time you connect. This makes having the most up-to-date system easy and takes all the strain off of downloading and searching through files yourself.

GeoVision's interface allows up to 16 camera views per window. Multiple windows can be launched, and the web interface also allows PTZ control, or Pan, Tilt, Zoom control as well as remote sound and even display statics.

GeoVision's DVR web interface allows users to connect to any number of remote GeoVision DVR Camera Servers and choose cameras from multiple server locations in the same view. Each and every camera can be configured any way the user desires.

All stored video on remote GeoVision CCTV DVR camera servers can be played back via the web connector. You can get a ton of GeoVision products from They offer a whole host of GeoVision products and services including GeoVision's DVR Web Interface. Check out to begin your GeoVision experience today.
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