Saturday, March 5, 2011

GeoVision CCTV DVR Servers

GeoVision is popular among consumers due to its immense array of DVR and NVR products, but they also have a full line of servers as well. Each of GeoVision's servers is unique in different ways so if you are planning on getting one, it is important you know what they are, what they do and why a particular one may be better for you than another.

Tower Servers - Tower servers are an excellent office surveillance solution. They may be located anywhere on a local area network or stand alone. Tower servers are great replacements for existing low tech VHS systems and they also replace switches, multiplexers and recording devices in one self-contained unit. They also work with existing CCTV camera technology.

Cube Servers - Cube servers leave a very small carbon footprint and may be installed at a remote location. Multiple systems can be interconnected for use in large facilities and can connect to a switch or hub for total access. Cube servers may also be used for covert operations without a local keyboard or monitor.

VCR Replacement Servers - VCR replacement servers have the same footprint as a VCR when used in CCTV applications. These servers are good for general purpose office surveillance solutions and may be located anywhere on a local area network or stand alone.

Floor Mount Industrial Servers - These servers bolt to the floor, are difficult to steal, rugged for industrial applications, and good for construction trailers and other tough facilities. They also have filters on them in order to keep the server running in a dusty environment.

Tool Box Servers - These servers, like the floor mounted servers, are rugged for industrial applications, construction trailers or other tough facilities. They also have filters to keep the server running in a dusty environment. The only difference is that these servers are not mounted to the floor.

Rack Mount Servers - Rack mount servers are for server room-based surveillance and may be clustered or interconnected. Cabling options include cat-5 and coax with runs up to 2000 feet. Data can be stored on DVR Server Hard Drives, NAS Boxes or SANs.

If you have any questions about which server is right for you, how to acquire a server, how to get one set up or would like more information on each of the different server styles, then head on over to They are trusted and qualified GeoVision server technicians and are capable of handling any of your GeoVision Server needs.

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