Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New IP Solutions from GeoVision

GeoVision CamerasGeoVision is all set to demonstrate a new full series of high performance, top quality 1MP WDR, 1.3MP Low Lux, 2MP, 3MP and 5MP H.264 IP cameras. The different camera types include a 360-degree fisheye camera, a box camera, a cube camera, a mini fixed dome camera, an IR fixed dome camera, an IR vandal proof dome camera, an IR bullet camera, an IR arctic camera, an IR PTZ camera, a standard PTZ camera and an IP speed dome camera. In addition to all that, GeoVision is also offering a free full featured 32-channel GV-NVR.

If you are looking for a TV-out solution of IP surveillance, then an HD IP video decoder, which has the ability to decode 1 x 1080p, 4 x 720p or 9 x D1 in 30fps, will be available for you. However, GeoVision isn't done there, they have another product that they want to showcase, a 13" display pad which has the HD IP video decoder built directly in. This product comes with a remote control that allows users to select a certain camera, scan the display and even set up an application.

If you are looking for more of a large scale IP surveillance project, you can opt for the 128-channel GV-Recording Server. The 128-channel GV-Recording Server supports ONVIF as well as PSIA and is another new product that GeoVision is debuting to the market.

GeoVision is debuting a host of other products as well including the Video Wall solution designed for central management as well as a Focus Adjustment Utility which decreases the manpower necessary for focusing GeoVision multi-megapixel IP cameras.

GeoVision's GV-Hybrid DVR and GV-NVR both feature a 32-channel monitoring setup, smart video management and a built-in video analysis. In addition to that, they both enable users to apply analytic scenarios to best fit their needs like a 360-degree fisheye dewarping and tracking, face indexing, face counting, face masked alarms, people counting, tampering alarm, missing or unattended object detection, intrusion alarm, defog, video stabilization, crowd detection, digital tracking and PTZ tracking.

The GV-NVR is an ONVIF and PSIA conformance product and it also supports more than 1,000 IP camera models from all the leading manufacturers.

Source: Security Info Watch - GeoVision to introduce new IP solutions

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