Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Video Analytics With The GV-Smart Box

One of the possible functions of a video surveillance that often gets overlooked is video analytics. With the proper features in a DVR, a surveillance system can double as a security system and as a tool for gathering relevant data on what passes through the view of a strategically placed camera. The various features that allow for this kind of video analysis are discussed in Security & Marketing Analysis: Two Birds With One Stone. Discussed here is the Geovision Smart Box, which can be used in conjunction with some of Geovision's analytic features.

The GV-Smart Box is a standalone device that is specifically designed for counting various kinds of objects. The Smart Box can count the number of visitors, vehicles or faces, and can work with any analog camera. Having this data not only helps you deter theft, violence or vandalism on or around your assets, but also helps identify peak traffic hours, providing valuable information that can inform marketing decisions. The GV-Smart Box requires no software, and you can access the live camera feeds with counting data from anywhere on a computer using an IE browser.

Key GV Smart Box Features:
  • Counts the number of visitors
  • Counts the number of faces
  • Counts the number of vehicles
  • Easily accessible Web-based interface to watch live views, query database, and customize settings
  • Triggers alarm when faces covered with masks are detected
  • Supports adjustment of video attributes
  • Sets detection mode by schedule
  • Supports UMTS and WiFi
  • Integrates with GV-Web Report, GV-System or GV-Compact DVR
  • Connects to VSM and sends alerts in the event of I/O trigger, video lost and network disconnection
  • Supports adjustment of video attributes

Geovision's GV-Smart Box is definitely a great asset for any surveillance system, and you can contact a security consultant at CameraSecurityNow.com to get a quote on a complete video surveillance system that includes this feature.

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