Saturday, June 14, 2014

Geovision Can Help You See Just How Popular Your Business Is

No matter if you're the largest food chain in the world, or if you are a brand new clothing line opening your first store, you are going to want to find out how much traffic your store is bringing in. I've never been the type of shopper to really pay attention to my surroundings. I normally go in, get what I need, and get out. That being said, I have noticed when there is a large quantity of people in one store. If I know that a popular woman's clothing store is having their weekly "semi-annual" sale again, I can safely bet that there's going to be quite a lot of people coming and going from the store. Any business owner, or share holder of the company, is going to want to know how business is going every day, already. The day of a sale is naturally going to bring more customers in, increasing traffic. If you have any type of investment in said company, you're going to want to know about this type of information quite often.

Geovision, the same great company that is able to offer you PoS systems, surveillance systems, and a menagerie of different cameras and capture cards, now has a product that will be able to help any business owner figure just how popular their store is. It's the Geovision GV-3D People Counter. This product will be able to monitor the specified area predetermined for it, keep track of passersby, and analyze the numbers data. Connecting the GV-3D People Counter to a VGA or HDMI monitor will give you an exact picture of the data. You'll even be able to configure and adjust the device's settings via an on-screen display menu. The product's built in Web interface and GV-Web Report Lite will make it easy to set up everything you may need online and give you direct access to the counting data via a web connection.

The features of this People Counter aren't anything extremely extravagant, and that may be the best part about it. There aren't any added bells and whistles to something that doesn't need it. You'll be able to view compiled analytical charts and graphs about the data collections. You'll even be able to customize the layout to your liking on your monitor. Arguably the best feature of this counter is the audio alarm. Should there be too much traffic in the wrong direction, or should there be too many people entering, exiting, or staying at one time, you'll be notified via an audio alert. Since the reports can be viewed live via a web connection, that gives the business owner some piece of mind as well. They'll be able to monitor how many people are in the store at one time, and be able to plan accordingly by simply calling the store and managing from home, essentially.

The average business owner needs to know how well business is going. They're going to want to know how much traffic is coming into the store. They will be able to use the data to compare it to projected sales vs actual sales. If there are a lot of people in the store, then there should be no reason to not make a sale correct? This way the owner will also be able to see when peak hours of operation are, and be able to staff accordingly after all of the data is compiled.

The Geovision GV-3D People Counter is basically what every business owner needs in order to find out where to start boosting sales. There are other venues to look over as well, but what better way to start than by seeing just how many potential customers you have, live, right from you're home or office. Don't worry business owners, Geovision has your back with this product.

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