Tuesday, April 10, 2012

GeoVision's new 5MP Fisheye

GeoVision's newest 5 Megapixel Fisheye is capable of doing what a system of several cameras does all by itself. With a 360 degree view that has no blind spot and features an interface that is both user-intuitive and user-friendly, this security camera makes a perfect addition to an inclusive surveillance system.

Features that make this camera so great:
5-MP: High resolution and clear, crisp images.
Moving Object Tracking: Target a person or object and track it. Simple as that.
Desired View: 360 degrees of source image allows the user to view at any angle and any zoom level.
Privacy Mask: Block out portions of the video to ensure privacy.
Rugged: Good for outdoor use.
Tampering Alarm: Alert beforehand any damage to the camera view
Other Features: Virtual PTZ, Auto Pan, Visual Automation, Electronic Day/Night, Built-in Microphone and Speaker

Having one of these cameras could reduce the number of cameras necessary in your surveillance system, saving you money.

To get an idea of what this camera is capable of, check out Andy's video demo below of the comparable 4MP Fisheye.

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