Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DVR Software Can Detect Theft As It Happens

One of the features not many people know about on the Geovision DVR system is the Missing Object Detection feature. This feature allows the DVR to look at a particular object, and if that object moves, this action will cause an alarm to be sounded. Geovision has a demo of this feature on their website here: http://www.geovision.com.tw/demo/vid/demo4.htm

There are many applications for a feature like this, especially in places where valuables may be easily accessible to the public. Imagine a sports bar that has a signed piece of memorabilia at the bar. Bartenders often get busy and may not notice if a patron were to quickly swipe the piece and leave. By setting up a Geovision DVR system to the watch the bar and especially the memorabilia, the bar owner can ensure that the piece doesn't get stolen regardless of whether their staff is paying attention to it or not.

This instant notification is much better for security protection than just being able to review the video after the theft. It is easy to conceal one's identity and hide one's face with the use of hoods, ball caps, etc. When reviewing video of a theft, oftentimes it is impossible to get a clear identity of the thief. With the instant notification that Missing Object Detection gives you, you can catch the thief while he or she is still on the premises and before they've disappeared.

If you'd like to see other demonstrations about the Geovision Missing Object Detection feature or get a quote on getting a Geovision DVR system in your business, contact CameraSecurityNow.com at 877-422-1907.

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